Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Friday 5 December 1712

Alday in my roome, not well affter my jorney. Pd 4d. pro a lettr, and 6d. pro nance. Mr. Walker came to see mee, but Hen : Wayles soone ffatched him away to doe business ffor him, as to Tom ffarnworth's business, and this was ye ffirst and all the vissetts Hen. Wayles had made mee since May day, only when he had business or to trick mee as Teste : Mr. Parker business ; B. B. here.
H: W : De Parker.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson:
B. B. was "Betty Butler."

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thursday 4 December 1712

Riss early, and after Mr. Walker and I had gott our breakffast off pn and b—e, I set fforwards to Natby, and returned to ye Cockes to dinr, where I spent a shilling, thoh tuched noe malt drinkes, with Bror Dalton, Rob. Strickland, Rob. Houghton, Capt. Rigby, and Mr. Walker, I appointing ytt place purposely to doe some business ffor Mr. Walker, about Aldcliffe; soe home ; gave Mrs. to by coals 2s. 6d.; cos. Bety Butler here.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson: 
Elizabeth Butler was daughter of Thomas Butler, of Kirkland, Esq., a captain of Foot under Charles, Earl of Derby, and sister of "Sany Butler." She became the third wife of Henry Butler, Esq., of Rawcliffe, but died without issue.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Wednesday 3 December 1712

It was past 2 beffor the servants returned ffrom the shew, wch siting up increased my paine. Butler, ye Lord, came not till past 5 ffrom Rob : Hutton's. I riss about 9, and affter we had got our breakfast itt was 12, and thinking ye Lord would not goe, I went to Ashton; but ye Lord and his sistr wentt, as I was tould, soon affter.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tuesday 2 December 1712

Alday in my chambr. Ye younge Lord and cos. Mary here, and cos. George Carus came to us.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Monday 1 December 1712

Affter dinr went to Ashton, and in my returne mett ye younge Lord and cos. Mary Butler, and brought them backe. Affter supr we went to see a ffrenchman play trickes ; I pd 1s. 6d.; soe home.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson:
The "ffrenchman" would probably be a conjurer.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Saturday 29 November 1712

My stich eassior, and my left hand ffreeor ffrom paine ; Rob. Birkett here, about Lodge business; Dick Nickson about his Mrs. business ; and Mr. William Hornby about Ned Mally troblesome business with Mrs. Butler, ye Nance Lady, consarning ye mare and coulte. Pd Mr.. Backhouse 15s. pro Hen: Wayles, and Tom Tayley, ye tayr, 10s., and Tom Kew 17s., & John Clarke 10s. ; soe to beed.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Friday 28 November 1712

Very ffull of paine in my left hand; applyed cabage leaves warme to it; was obliged, thoh in paine, to write a longe lettr to London, and cos. George Carus helped mee to ffix Holcroft perticullr with dito lettr.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson: 
The Diarist's son Edward appears to have lived at Holcroft at this time. The property was brought into the family by the marriage of the Diarist with Eleanor, daughter and one of the coheiresses of Thomas Holcroft, of Holcroft, Esq. Holcroft Hall was for ages the abode of the Holcrofts, the traffickers in monastic property in the reign of Henry VIII., and owners of Great and Little Woolden in 1595. Hurst Hall, in this township, now degenerated into a farm-house, was the residence of Thomas Holcroft, a member of this family, in 1692. From some letters published in the Norris Papers, vol. lx. Chet. Soc., and from the remarks of the editor, it appears that the Diarist and his son were in treaty, in 1704, for the sale of Holcroft to Richard Norris, merchant, but it is evident the attempt failed. Although the estate was heavily mortgaged it remained in the family for a considerable time after the Diarist's death. His grandson, James Tyldesley, Esq., was living here in 1761.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thursday 27 November 1712

Very much out of ordr and fforsed to clense my stomake by vomitting.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Wednesday 26 November 1712

In much paine. In the eivening Mr. W: Walker brought one Walker, of Northumberland, who had marryed Mrs. Tyndell, 3 years beffor, tho incog—o, and ye said Walker tould me hee had a desire to take an estate ondr mee. Those 2, Mr. Houlden and Robert Birkett, satt 2 howrs with mee.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tuesday 25 November 1712

Outt of ordr, tuck man: and very sicke all day.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson:
"Man :" means manna.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monday 24 November 1712

Went a eyering ; ffound Mr. Simpson, majr, hunting with Dalton, Bror ffrost, and Mr. Wilson of Ender Ley, Don, and a great deall of company ; the killed a hare ; so I went home.

Notes by Gillow and Hewitson: 
The word "eyering" may come from the old word " eyre," meaning a journey or walk ; or it may refer to the Diarist going out to catch hares.